2010 Hot Wheels® Garage Series [list]



Purple Passion® Woodie
(Larry says: “Deco was funny… flames with wood.”)
Custom Volkswagen Beetle
(Larry says: “I liked the hot rod look on the fenderless VWs.”)
School Busted™
(Larry says: “Hot rod buses always look pretty cool.”)
Bone Shaker®
(Larry says: “One of my favorite castings.”)
Custom ’66 GTO® Wagon
(Larry says: “In-your-face colors!”)
Pass’n Gasser™
(Larry says: “Didn’t think the name would pass…”)
’51 Le Sabre™ Concept (NEW!)
(Larry says: “The car… that made me want to be a designer.”)
’57 Chrysler 300C (NEW!)
(Larry says: “One of the top stock car racers.”)
Golden Submarine (NEW!)
(Larry says: “The hot rod version of a ’30s race car.”)
’71 Mustang Mach 1* (NEW!)
(Larry says: “Continuation of the Mustang... bigger.”)
’34 Ford Sedan* (NEW!)
(Larry says: “A copy of my every day driver.”)
(Larry says: “Really dig the rat rod look.”)
’58 Edsel
(Larry says: “One of the most recognizable cars of the era.”)
*Name pending.


8 Crate®
(Phil says: “It always looks great in two-tone.”)
’66 Chevy® Nova™
(Phil says: “Decoration I had… never used and wanted to use on this.”)
’69 Camaro® (hardtop)
(Phil says: “I am proud of and… like the overall look.”)
’70 Chevelle SS™
(Phil says: “The high-powered muscle car with a 454.”)
’69 Charger
(Phil says: “Different spin on the authentic Charger stripes.”)
Ferrari 288 GTO
(Phil says: “One of my all-time favorite cars.”)
’41 Willys
(Phil says: “I would like to take [it] down the track.”)
’68 Plymouth Barracuda
(Phil says: “The car I almost do have in my garage.”)
Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus (NEW!)
(Phil says: “I would be crazy not to do this design.”)
’69 Pontiac® GTO®
(Phil says: “More as a straight forward GTO decoration… clean.”)
Custom ’64 Galaxie 500
(Phil says: “As if a 427 Custom Galaxie was going to SEMA.”)
Volkswagen Drag Truck
(Phil says: “Of course, one of my favorites.”)
’65 Volkswagen Fast Back
(Phil says: “Collectors haven’t had much… of this car.”)


Neet Streeter®
(Wayne says: “Tribute to my three girls.”)
Vairy 8 Corvair
(Wayne says: “I remember my dad building one in the living room.”)
’57 Chevy®
(Wayne says: “All-time fave, I reckon.”)
’64 Lincoln Continental
(Wayne says: “What car guy doesn’t love suicide doors?”)
Shoe Box®
(Wayne says: “Two-tone with flames is a must.”)
Fish'd & Chip'd™
(Wayne says: “British version of lead sled!”)
’70 Chevelle™ SS™ Wagon
(Wayne says: “Memories… If only ours would have been as cool.”)
Street Rodder
(Wayne says: “Blown, flamed, roofless coupes... a no-brainer!”)
Rolling Thunder™ (NEW!)
(Wayne says: “Part funny car, part panel, part lead sled.”)
’71 El Camino™ (NEW!)
(Wayne says: “My customized daily driver.”)
’70 Road Runner
(Wayne says: “We fly the Jolly Roger to let ’em know time's up!”)
Tail Dragger®
(Wayne says: “Always loved a custom with lake pipes and scallops.”)
Custom ’56 Ford Truck
(Wayne says: “Gotta have a scalloped hot rod pickup!”)
#01 Neet Streeter  W
#02 8 Crate  P
#03 Purple Passion Woody  L
#04 66 Chevy Nova  P
#05 Custom VW Bug  L
#06 Vairy 8  W
#07 57 Chevy  W
#08 64 Lincoln Cont.  W
#09 Shoe Box  W
#10 School Busted  L
#11 Bone Shaker  L
#12 69 Chevy Camaro Hardtop  P
#13 70 Chevelle   P
#14 69 Dodge Charger  P
#15 Customize '66 GTO Wagon  L
#16 Pass N Gasser  L
#17 Fish'd and Chip'd  W
#18 1951 GM La Sabre Concept  L
#19 Ferrari 288 GTO  P
#20 41 Pro-Mod Willy  P
#21 '70Chevelle Wagon   W
#22 68 Plymouth Barracuda  P
#23 Street Rodder  W
#24 Rolling Thunder  W
#25 57 Chrysler 300  L
#26 Golden Submarine  L
#27 71 Mustang Mach 1  L
#28 71 El Camino  W
#29 34 Ford Sedan  L
#30 VW T-1 Dragbus  P
#31 '69Pontiac GTO P
#32 Rat Bomb L
#33 '70Roadrunner W
#34 Tail Dragger W
#35 Custom '56Ford Truck W
#36 Custom '64Galaxie 500 P
#37 VW Drag Truck P
#38 '58Ed Sel L
#39 '65VW Fastback P

車種名後ろの W.P.Lはそれぞれデザイナーの略称です。




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